• For more information call (315) 786-8800

  • How old does on have to be to rent a bicycle and what do I need for a rental?

    You must have a valid ID and be 18 years of age to rent a bicycle.

    How do I know what size bike to get?

    Bicycle sizes are dependent on the user’s height.  Please reference our chart for approximate sizes. (link to chart)

    What about children’s bicycles?

    Call the Shop at (315) 786-8800 and ask for information.

    What if my vacation rental period is different than your Friday to Friday time frame?

    This will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Call the shop for more information.

    Do I have to be there for the delivery of the bicycles?

    No. We do not require that you are there for the delivery of the bicycles as each bike will come with a combination lock. An email will be sent to you before delivery with complete information regarding drop off and the unique combination for each lock.

    What do I do with the bicycles when we are ready to leave?

    Please leave each bike where they were dropped off, with their lock in place.

    Can I pick up a bicycle directly and avoid delivery charges?

    Yes, you can pick it up at our shop, but please call ahead.

    Do I need to wear my helmet?

    Yes. As per rental policy, a helmet will be given with each bicycle and utilized while renting our bikes.

    What is your cancellation/refund policy?

    We have a 48 hour notice policy for a full refund to be issued.

    What if my bike is lost/stolen?

    Please refer to our rental policy – once you sign, you will be responsible for all rental property.